intercept shopper path with the right message at critical touch points

Your customers are busy deciding whether to buy competitor’s product or yours. Remind them of your existence and swing them to your side with AaramShop.

At Aaramshop, we have for your FMCG Brand an unparalleled opportunity to intercept shopper path with the right message at critical touch points and induce impulsive purchase and snap judgments.

Come explore our digital assets & explore new ways to reach, communicate & engage with your customers.

AaramShop Web

Visited by over ten thousand grocery shoppers a day, is an ideal destination for brand visibility and recall through moment of truth. Engage with online shoppers through targeted banner placements, brand store, featured product showcase, preferential product listing, related products pop up, last minute pick showcase, shopper intercepts in related category, premium shelf space on retailer’s digital aisles or an online product launch with much fan fare!

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Influence grocery shoppers through platform advertising with



Digital Ad space and strategic content marketing opportunities are available with our customer centric blog dedicated to spread some aaram among its readers. We share ideas, thoughts, tips on varied range of articles including health and wellness, food & shopping, lifestyle and travel.

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Box of Smiles

Spreading smiles has never been this rewarding...

Join our Box of Smiles, a first of its kind product review initiative wherein we send a couple of brand samples to influencers, bloggers, tweeps, instagrammers and even to ordinary grocery shoppers to review your products and share their true stories & experiences devoid of biasness.

So spice up your Digital PR with our Box of Smiles & Get people talking….

Spread some smiles with your product samples and in turn get one for yours through feedback.