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1. How does AaramOnCall, as a marketing tool, influence consumer’s buying decision?

AaramOnCall enables a brand to influence consumers when s/he is ordering on the phone, when the
consumer is in the right frame of mind, with the right message, and at the right time, just when the order is
about to be placed.

2. What kind of discounted offers would be suitable for AaramOnCall activity? What if
the Brand has no Consumer-promo running currently?

As customers, discounts really do excite us! Therefore, using discounted offers might work as a better option. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a deep discounted offer. An existing Consumer-promo would work as well. But ‘one plus one’ is always the best way to attract consumers.

However, putting just the Brand message would also boost up the brand visibility.

3. Who will develop and deploy the Brand jingle?

The brand message could be shared by the brand or AaramShop could develop it for the Brand.
The brand message would be deployed on all participating retailers by our channel team.

4. What all would be required for the jingle development from the brand’s end?

A brand message/copy that would showcase the discounted offer or the brand’s name.
The length of the brand message should be at most 10 seconds.

5. Would there be any other Brand Advertisement in the same jingle?
Or would it solely advertise my brand?

The jingle would be exclusive for the brand.
One jingle one brand.

6. What would be the scale on which the initiative would function?

The minimum scale-of-functionality is 200 shops, and the maximum scale-of-functionality would be in
accordance with the brand’s requirements.

7. What is the process of retailer on-boarding and briefing?

Identifying target stores in accordance with the Brand’s target audience.
Briefing the participating stores.
Getting the agreement signed.
Deploying the jingle on each retailer’s mobiles respectively.
Providing incentives and re-imbursements to the retailers.

8. Would some sort of reporting and statistics be provided to the Brand regarding the initiative?

Target shops would be enlisted to the Brand.
Reporting the activity through an online dashboard
The following elements will be covered:

Fortnightly sales (outlet-wise)
Fortnightly stock updates (outlet-wise)
Retailer feedback